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Mel Mellers

MSc Psychology

Mel combines his performance skills together with his academic knowledge and interests to present several highly acclaimed, motivation and enrichment talks. Combining the latest research with interactive presentations, these talks capture and illuminate subjects such as:-

  • ◊ Creativity
  • ◊ Thinking skills
  • ◊ Memory
  • ◊ Deception
  • ◊ Quirks of the brain
  • ◊ Problem solving
  • ◊ Psychological well being


A comedic look at the quirks and anomalies of how we thing and behave. Includes subjects such as perception:-

  • ◊ Perception
  • ◊ Bias thinking
  • ◊ Behaviour
  • ◊ Deception
  • ◊ Cognitive processing
  • ◊ Phobias

Remember This:

A 'how to' at improving your memory, with findings and implications from the latest research, together with interactive demonstrations.

The Psychology of Everyday Life:

What psychology tells us about stress free living, pursuit of happiness and achieving goals, all based on current research evidence.

Latest News

Mel has just been booked for the worlds largest magic convention (Blackpool) with appearances in the gala show and a lecture 22nd, 23rd and 24 February.

Also Mel will be making a rare on land appearance at the prestigious "Conjuring at the Court" in Ealing on April 25th.

Mel Mellers